About one2one Photography - Since 1994

"Photography is our passion... we still believe you may be able to teach what we do but you cannot teach what we see, it comes from within and years of experience

one2one photography is now an International firm of photographic professionals, that is established in Canada, New Zealand, UK and Australia.

In 1994 Pete and his twin brother Steve formally set up one2one photography as we know it today. Pete is now based in Fergus and Kitchener, Steve is based in New Zealand, Nic runs and owns one2one in the UK and Frank runs and owns one2one in Australia. one2one photography is not a franchise, it is simply a group of professional photographers operating a brand driven Company.

one2one has never been afraid of breaking away from the traditions and idiosyncrasies that many photography firms the world over impose on their clientele, predominantly the retention of your photographs and copyright. Sure most photographers will release the images for an extra fee or if you buy a wedding album from them, but we have always believed that to be fundamentally wrong. The only reason photographers retain Copyright is so they can benefit from on-selling your photographs, even though you have paid them to capture the photographs.

"You are simply paying us to do a job, all the images we capture belong to you, the client - No Copyright, No Watermarking!

We knew in 1994, and we still know today that many photographers operate their businesses owning the full Copyrights to YOUR photographs indefinitely. In fact, many professional photography associations discourage their members from giving up any form of Copyright. We do not follow that train of thought and never will. All one2one customers receive EVERY IMAGE we capture and we provide the full-resolution original and edited digital files without any watermark or file size reduction giving YOU the option to what YOU want with YOUR images.

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