Photography Courses

"Bought that digital SLR? Need to know how it works? How to process the images you take? Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, RAW, JPEG we are here to help!

After popular demand and many people asking, one2one has now started photography classes.

Whether you are complete beginner, an aspiring semi-pro or a Pro needing a mentor - we are here to help.

What are we going to do different? Compared to the usual options available through the college's?

We are going to teach you how to shoot by doing actual shoots!

No one really wants to sit in a classroom for hours learning lots of technical stuff that you probably don't even want to know about, nor really need to know, you just need to shoot! That said some students will and do want the "technical knoledge' also, we can of course tailor out courses to meet your needs exactly.

one on one

$40 per hour tuition and yes all one on one! You pay as you learn, availabity is during the day - weekdays, some weekends and evenings - it will involve actual shooting.

ONE - we will have a quick look at the camera, help you understand more about how it works, what all the different lenses do, talk about capture, CF and SD cards, but most importantly lets get out shooting where you will learn very quickly about the art of focus, focus and focus to create sharp images. Depth of field and ISO settings will be a big part of this module.

TWO - you will have a good understanding of focus, focus and focus (focus is the key to a good becoming a photographer) but we will help you understand how to adapt your camera settings to cope with different lighting conditions, we will work more with depth of field, shutter speeds and ISO settings to create those professional looking images, flash will also be introduced for indoor photography.

THREE - you will have a very good understanding of how to take the same picture with different settings and your focusing will be 'bang on', but this module is all about composition, making sure the subject is framed correctly, understanding body positions and learning the art of communication, communication is one of the biggest parts of a photographers job. We will also be talking about landscape photography.

STUDIO photography - this module has been designed for people wanting to learn studio photography, we are able to set up a full studio here with professional lights and shoot whatever you want to shoot, from people to food.

Post PROCESSING - an enormous part of a photographers job. We often edit for as long as we are shooting, post processing is what we classify as 'finishing our work'. We are experts with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge. We have been fully digital since 2003, so we were very quick to change from film. We have an enormous amount of knowledge regarding computer design and set up plus educating people about the necessity for backing up ALL your work.

Please call or email about the many courses available.

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